Monday, October 26, 2009

Answer, Invite & Win!!

Answer, Invite & Win!

Sign up on, answer three simple questions and invite your friends to join your network. You could be entitled to win one of the following prizes:

•Grand Prize: HP Mini 1000 Netbook
•Cash Prizes (x5): RM50.00

How Does It Work?

•Step 1 - Sign up on
•Step 2 - Answer 3 simple questions.
•Step 3 - Invite your friends to join.
•For every friend you invite to, you will earn ONE chance for the contest. The more you invite, the greater your chance of winning!

Contest Period

The contest is open from 25th October 2009 to 25th December 2009. The number of chances accumulated are based on the size of your first-degree network on the last contest day.

>> sign up now!! <<

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